Spring Mountain Leisure Farm – Flowers, Camping, Dining(沐心泉休閒農場)

Introduction to Spring Mountain
Spring Mountain Leisure Farm – Flowers, Camping, Dining(沐心泉休閒農場)
Spring Mountain Leisure Farm – Flowers, Camping, Dining
Spring Mountain Leisure Farm is located across an expanse of 8 hectares. From the restaurant’s viewing platform, it looks out upon immense primitive forests. The farm is located in a high alpine region, from 600 to 900m above sea level. From the highest point, it looks south to see Jiutong Mountain, west for a view of Taichung Harbor, and east at Daxue Mountain. The 300m difference in altitude between the eastern side of the farm and the Dajai River bed provides a sprawling view akin to looking down on Taipei City from atop the Taipei 101. The view at sunset is breathtaking as one takes in all the lights and movement in the Taichung basin. If you turn your gaze skywards, you will be stunned by the sparking stars throughout the night sky. Located above various mountain ridges, enjoy the vitality of the first rays at dawn. Immerse yourself in the delicate colors of the clouds at dusk. Watch as the oceans of clouds ebb and flow. In addition to these visual treats, the sounds on the farm bring even more joy. Listen to the gentle calls of birds, in particular the adorable call of the Chinese bamboo partridge, as well as the flow of the Dajia River. These wondrous sounds of nature can sooth the soul and bring immense relaxation. In order to preserve the original mountain scenery, pagodas, paths and even rooftops are constructed in a primitive, minimalistic style which blends seamlessly into the natural beauty. The farm is equipped with a large parking lot and expansive platform as well as a 2km farm road renovated into a smooth, 4m wide road. In addition to the existing flora and historical trees to either side of the road, various flowering plants have been cultivated, such as cherry trees, Rhododendron, wild lily, lavender, maple, citron daylily, tong flower and an assortment of other flowers. The farm provides more than a dozen pagodas and several toilets throughout its premises, providing visitors with the most comfortable experience. The 1km long footpath on the farm leads visitors on an exciting journey upwards, looking down at the restaurant from different perspectives with each step taken, there is always a new surprise.
The mission of the farm is not only to share wonderful scenery and events, but become a paradise for those living busy urban lives, so that those living in the concrete jungle may leave the hustle and bustle behind to relax. The farm was named “Spring Mountain” in hopes that it will wash away all spiritual fatigue.

Cool Breeze on Hot Summer Days
Spring Mountain Leisure Farm – Flowers, Camping, Dining(沐心泉休閒農場)
A Footpath Which Challenges Determination
As Spring Mountain is located at a higher altitude, even at noon on hot summer days, one can enjoy the cool mountain breeze. There’s nothing more refreshing than a natural breeze under the scorching sun. Pay a visit in the summer time to bask in the breeze!

A Footpath Which Challenges Determination
Spring Mountain Leisure Farm – Flowers, Camping, Dining(沐心泉休閒農場)
There is an altitude difference of 300m throughout the Spring Mountain Farm. With patience and determination, anyone can conquer the 900m altitude peak and enjoy the thrill of hiking. Simply set the peak as your goal and take this journey one step at a time. Don’t give up as you can rest in the pagodas along the way. At the peak, you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view from the top. On a clear day, one may even catch a glimpse of the Taiwan Strait and Taichung Power Plant.

Seasonal Flowers
Spring Mountain Leisure Farm – Flowers, Camping, Dining(沐心泉休閒農場)
November to December – Yellow maple, Snowflake Euphorbia
◆February to March – cherry blossoms, Fuji cherry
◇April to May – Tong flower, fireflies
◆May to July – Plains citron daylily, African lily
◇August to October – Alpine citron daylily, French hydrangea
◆November to December – Yellow maple, Snowflake Euphorbia

Business Information
Spring Mountain Leisure Farm – Flowers, Camping, Dining(沐心泉休閒農場)
Opening Hours
Regular Days AM9:30~PM6:00(Last call 17:30);
Holidays AM9:30~PM6:30 (Last call 18:00)

One Day Entrance Fee
NT$150 (can be redeemed for NT$100 in purchases)
Free entrance for children below 110 cm in height, elders 80 years of age or older, those with mental or physical disabilities

★Free parking lot
★Please refrain from bringing outside food on the farm
★Please refrain from damaging flowers and plants
★Please refrain from running on the farm
★Please keep pets on leash